Friday, October 12, 2012


Pattern for GRANNY WHITE HAT (in English)
Yarn: Medium, worsted
Needle: 4mm or 5mm (depending on how tight or loose you crochet. For better results, check the suggested number for the yarn you will use)
Size: 4 yrs to adult
Baby: skip rows 3 and 4 (for the rib part, you must have 36DC)
If you use baby yarn (fine), follow the instructions of a toddler size.
Toddler size: skip row 4, and on the 5th row you must skip a st after the 3DC.  For the rib part, you must have 48DC.

Ch = Chains
Sc = simple crochet
DC = Double crochet
FpSt = Front-post st
BpSt = Back-post st
Slst = slip stitch

Magic ring ( or ring of 4 chains)
1)  12DC on magic ring.
2)  Chain 3 (counts as first DC), and 1 DC on same st.  Then reperat: *2DC on each st * (Total: 24DC)
3)  Chain 3  (counts as first DC).  2 DC on next st.  Then follow this pattern all around: *1DC on the next st, and then 2 DC together on the next st* (Total: 36DC)
4)  Chain 3, and 1 DC in next st.  Then repeat all around: *2 DC + 2 DC on each st below* (Total: 48 DC)
5)  Chain 3  (counts as first DC) , and DC on next 2 st.  Repeat all around: *Chain 1, DC in next 3 st*  (Total: 48 DC and ch)
End with sc on top of the first 3ch (This will leave the st in place to start  the granny pattern on the following row.  I do this instead of the traditional way, which ends with a chain and slip st, and then make slip sts until reaching the next chain-space.)
6-12> Chain 3  + 2 DC (on the space below, between the group of 3 DC´s).  Now repeat the following all around: *Chain 1 + 3 DC on 1ch-space below*, end with sc on top of the first 3 chains.
13> DC in each DC of prior row and 1 DC in each chain 1 space (Total: 64 DC) (Total: 64 DC)
14-16>  For the rib part:  Chain 2 (counts as first BpSt) + * 2 FpSt + 2BpSt* end with sl stitch, and cast off.

Optional: add a flower.

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